Implant Drill Guide Kit

Implant Drill Guide Kit

Implant Drill Guide Kit


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Smart Implant Guide Drills Kit
Compatible with all implant systems!

Box Contents

Contains 18 PCs, 2 Drills 1.6, 2.0mm diameters External Irrigation

1. Initial Drill : Ø1.6 , Ø2.0 (total 2 EA), Stopper can be installed. Used for the Initial drilling.

2. Stopper : 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 11.5mm (total 4 EA) It plays a role of an Initial Drill Stopper where the Crown Guide is connected.

3. Crown guide : Ø6, Ø7, Ø8, Ø9, Ø10.5, Ø12 (total 6 EA) It provides guide to the centering and directing with intervals at the same time appropriately for the crown size (implanted prosthesis) during the drilling.

4. Crown Guide Pin : It is used for deciding the crown size at the implant placing position before the initial drilling. It guides the implant interval while playing a role of implant drill guide when drilling is carried out after the first drilling is placed during the implant placing.


Depth and distance interval can be solved with only one drilling.
Simple and easy drilling.
Surgery time can be shortened and possibility of frequent mistakes can be prevented in advance Ideal Stopper Design & Crown Guide Design.
Strength. Both the Crown size and implant depth are simultaneously guided with only one drilling during the initial drilling.
The mistake of the widened or narrowed interval between implants can be prevented when two or more implants are placed.
The Crown Size and prosthetic appliance can be designed at the same time of implant placing.
Manufactured from high quality surgical materials, with high quality performance.
All drills and tools undergo an anti-rust process.

Made in French Stainless Steel.

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